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How the he!! did I get here??? (part 1)

I remember Dr. Plotnick telling my mother that she needed to put me on a diet.  I was 6 years old.

That was the summer my sister was born, and my parents sent me to JCC Day Camp in Chicago.  I remember being afraid to dunk my head underwater when we went to the indoor pool, asking for a second hamburger when we went on our nature walk/cookout (and being told no), and I remember the group photo.  I was the pudgy girl with the pixie cut in the front.

A lot of my “good”  memories somehow include food.  When my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I was almost 4 years old, and I stayed at my great- aunt and uncle’s house.  I have vivid memories of that time:  being told by Aunt Maxine that you have to “suffer to be beautiful,” as she dragged a rat-tailed comb through my hair; all of the owl figurines she had in her house… and the “egg-in-a-hole” that she would make me for breakfast.  I begged my parents to make that at home.  (And let’s not forget the hamburger from camp!  Nearly 44 years later, I still remember how good it tasted; I’ve never tasted its like since.)

When I stayed with my grandparents for a day or two here and there, I remember trying to make applesauce, and how Grandma Janet made me scrambled eggs cooked in real butter.  Nothing has ever tasted like that since, either – so I’m pretty sure that most of the time, I associated food with love.   Yup, I’ve got a whole lotta love, hanging on and around me!!

I slimmed down pretty well as I entered puberty, but even in high school I identified myself as “fat.”  In retrospect, I must have been nuts!  When I look at pictures today, I see that I was just fine.

Next… how I became a “big” girl…


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